The True Fact of Dolphins in Captivity

Bay Travels: The Journal

This post was written and published on 07 Oct 2011. This is a REPOST.

I was volunteering with SPCA on a World Animals Day last two weeks at the East Coast Beach. My concern used to be abused pets since I really love dogs and I’ve been living with dogs since I was one day old.

I was a signaler for the agility championship and I had the time of my life watching these smart creatures, until on a break time, I walked along the booths of the animal fair and found out about a smarter creature, much MUCH smarter creature, Dolphins.

I was touched with this “Save the Saddest Dolphins” campaign, and straightaway signed the petition.

A week later, Ric O’Barry came to Singapore, and I had a chance to attend a dialogue session with him. I was inspired by so many people who have done a…

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  1. wah ganti layout ya mbak? hehehe…
    iya saya suka sedih liat lumba-lumba yang jadi objek buat pertunjukan 😦 kasian.
    etapi liat lumba-lumba di lovina termasuk salah ga sih?

  2. Awww gw sedih deh may bacanya.. Dan tambah sedih krn gw juga uda bbrp kali nonton dolphin show 😦 kasian ya mereka. trus gw jd inget di seaworld san diego ada show yg terkenal, shamu show, mereka itu whale sih, tp hrsnya nasibnya sama ya. kasian.. dan disana itu tiap shamu show ramenya luar biasa lo..

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